Batch Mixer
  • All-weather batch mixer is applicable to various operation conditions such as onshore, offshore, desert, and arctic or extremely hot conditions;

  • The control panel integrates the manifold schematic, convenient for the accurate control of all butterfly valves;

  • Both economic and luxury configurations are available, meeting the requirements of different customers;

  • The automatic mixing system (AMS) is optional for accurate control of density;

  • Professional ergonomic design and protection system enable the comfort, safety and reliability of the unit, enhancing the customer satisfaction.

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CarrierTruck / Trailer / Skid
ChassisMercedes-Benz / MAN / VOLVO / BEIBEN
EngineCAT C9 
Pump DriveFUNK / DURST
Centrifugal PumpMixing Water Pump: 4×3×13  
Recirculating & Boosting Pump: 6×5×11
Recirculating Pump: 6×5×11
Batch Mixing Tank2×50 bbl (2×8 m3)2×60 bbl (2×10 m3)2×50 bbl (2×8 m3)2×60 bbl (2×10 m3)
MixerDiagonal-flow High Energy MixerInjection Mixer
Mixing SystemAMS1.6 / AMS2.5N/A

Successful Cases
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