Hydration Unit

Large flowrate with high quality fluid: self-developed mixer and mixing system can mix the gel powder and water, concentrated solution and water efficiently.

High automation: one-button intelligent control mode reduces the labour intensity greatly.

Stable and reliable system matching: high quality executive parts, electric parts and hydraulic parts ensure the long-time and high power operation.

Large volume powder tank reduces the powder feeding frequency during large-scale operation, ensuring the continuous operation.

Liftable control cabin, convenient for observing the tank level. The air conditioner and lights are equipped to improve the operation comfort of the operator.

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Model75 BPM DOTF100 BPM DOTFHPGYT160 DOTFHPGYT160 (Concentrated Solution)
Carrier Truck / SkidTrailer 
Truck ChassisMercedes-Benz / Sinotruck/
Suction Centrifugal Pump10×1012×1212×1212×12
Discharge Centrifugal Pump10×812×1212×12N/A
Max. Discharge Flowrate75 bpm (12 m³/min)100 bpm (16 m³/min)100 bpm (16 m³/min)100 bpm (16 m³/min)
Qty. of Chemical Add. Pump444Two or more positive displacement pumps
Hydration Tank

100 bbl (16 m³)
5 Agitators

75 bbl (12 m³)
3 Agitators

200 bbl (32 m³)
6 agitators

240 bbl (40 m³)
8 agitators

Chemical Tank

Dry powder tank, capacity 6,600 lb (2,994 kg),
 with electronic scale, air conveying system optional

Gel tank (optional)
Chemicals Rate CapabilityTwo augers, 6.6-154 lb (3-70 kg/min) total

Two or more true positive displacement pumps,
 each 45 gal (170 L/min)

Control ModeAuto/ Manual/ Remote Control
Rheology KitVideo Monitoring, Thermometer, PH meter (Optional), Viscometer (Optional)
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