Manifold Unit

Reasonable layout, superior mobility and off-road performance, suitable for domestic rough road conditions such as mountains, hills and desert areas.

Provide customized manifold and one-stop solutions for fracturing operations.

Unique double-truck mounted high pressure manifold unit satisfies domestic special fracturing requirements.

Reasonable power matching integrated with the function of transportation, lifting, boosting, drainage and pressure testing realize the optimum matching of the power efficiency.

One-button operation and remote pressure test ensure the reliable and safe job.

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Model105 140
CarrierTruck / Trailer / Skid
ChassisMercedes-Benz / MAN / Sinotruck
Pressure Testing PumpVF14 / RD115VF12 / RD120
Max. Working Pressure15,000 psi (103.5 MPa)20,000 psi (138 MPa)
CraneNational / UNIC
Rated Lifting Capacity10 t / 12 t / 16 t / 18 t