Twin Pump Cementing Unit
  • All-weather cementing unit is applicable to various operation conditions such as onshore, offshore, desert, and arctic or extremely hot conditions;

  • 12” HMI displays operation data and curves, convenient for operator to monitor the operation condition;

  • The system allows the operator to modify the operation interfaces and function keys according to their habits. It only requires simple data input to control the operation and optimizes the density algorism to guarantee accurate and stable control;

  • Intelligent bivariate mixing system (AMS) controls the density accurately, leading the slurry mixing technology of the industry. Seamless switching between MANUAL and AUTO controlmodes is available;

  • Professional data acquisition system records, analyzes and stores the operation data in real time;

  • The twin pump cementing unit achieves the mutual standby of manifolds and unit functions, enhancing the operation safety and reliability;

  • Professional ergonomic design and protection system enable the comfort, safety and reliability of the unit, enhancing the customer satisfaction. 

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CarrierTruck / Trailer / Skid
ChassisMercedes-Benz / MAN / VOLVO
EngineDDC S60 / CAT C15
TransmissionALLISON 4700 OFS
Plunger PumpJR600N / JR600SJR500W
Plunger Dia.3”3 1/2”4”4 1/2”4”4 1/2”
Max. Working Pressure

14,147 psi

(97.6 MPa)

10,394 psi

(71.7 MPa)

7,958 psi

(54.9 MPa)

6,288 psi
14,324 psi
11,318 psi
(43.4 MPa)(98.8 MPa)(78.4 MPa)
Max. Working Flowrate

251 gpm

(0.9 m3/min)

342 gpm

(1.3 m3/min)



566 gpm

(2.1 m3/min)

319 gpm

(1.2 m3/min)

404 gpm

(1.5 m3/min)

Centrifugal PumpMixing Water & Water Supply Pump: 4×3×13; Recirculating & Boosting Pump: 6×5×11
Displacement Tank2×12 bbl (2×2 m3)
Slurry Mixing Tank10 bbl (1.6 m3)
Slurry Density8.3~22 ppg (1~2.6 g/cm3)
Max. Mixing Capacity607 gpm (2.3 m3/min)
Slurry Mixing SystemAMS1.6 / AMS2.5

Successful Cases
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