Single Pump Cementing Unit
  • All-weather cementing unit is applicable to various operation conditions such as onshore, offshore, desert, and arctic or extremely hot conditions;

  • Bivariate automatic mixing system (AMS) controls the density accurately, leading the slurry mixing technology of the industry;

  • Seamless switching between MANUAL and AUTO control modes changes the operation habits of customers and improves working efficiency, bringing the customers new operation experience;

  • Professional data acquisition system records, analyzes and stores the operation data in real time;

  • Professional ergonomic design and protection system enable the comfort, safety and reliability of the unit, enhancing the customer satisfaction. 

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CarrierTruck / Trailer / Skid
ChassisMercedes-Benz / MAN / VOLVO / BEIBEN
EngineDDC S60 / CAT C15
TransmissionALLISON 4700 OFS
Plunger PumpJR600N / JR600SJR500W
Plunger Dia.3 1/2”4”4 1/2”4”4 1/2”
Max. Working Pressure10,394 psi
(71.7 MPa)
7,958 psi
(54.9 MPa)
6,288 psi
(43.4 MPa)
1,4324 psi
(98.8 MPa)
1,1318 psi
(78.4 MPa)
Max. Working Flowrate342 gpm
(1.3 m3/min)
447 gpm
(1.7 m3/min)
566 gpm
(2.1 m3/min)
319 gpm
(1.2 m3/min)
404 gpm
(1.5 m3/min)
Centrifugal PumpMixing Water & Water Supply Pump: 4×3×13; Recirculating & Boosting Pump: 6×5×11
Displacement Tank2×12 bbl (2×2 m3)
Slurry Mixing Tank10 bbl (1.6 m3)
Slurry Density8.3~22 ppg (1~2.6 g/cm3)
Max. Mixing Capacity607 gpm (2.3 m3/min)
Slurry Mixing SystemAMS1.6 / AMS2.5

Successful Cases
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