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Jereh Showcases its Innovative ESG-Compliant Fracturing Technology at HFTC2023

HOUSTON, February 1, 2023/ In alignment with the industry trend of focusing on innovative technologies to replace conventional fracturing, Jereh showcased its newest fracturing solutions at HFTC 2023: Apollo - Turbine Fracturing Unit and IntelliFrac - Electric Fracturing Unit, which lower emissions, are less costly, and feature a better performance by giving more condensed horsepower per unit.


The oil and gas industry is facing increasing demands to increase efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint to address rising GHG emissions and become more sustainable. "Companies are beginning to implement electric fracturing fleet or direct-drive turbine fracturing fleets for fracturing operations, and those who have made the switch, don't go back to diesel," said Mr. Lyoid Fussell, Jereh VP of Business Development, on SPE Tech Talk (

Since 2011, Jereh has been manufacturing fracturing equipment to facilitate the transition to cleaner energy sources and promote decarbonization while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs of oil and gas production companies. Jereh provides both direct-drive turbine fracturing and electric fracturing equipment, the most innovative and ESG-compliant fracturing equipment available today.


Jereh's electric fracturing unit, IntelliFrac, is equipped with a 7000 HP plunger pump which increases running time and produces high pressures for fracturing operations. Additionally, the electric equipment can fine-tune injection rates and pressure since electric motors replace diesel-fueled systems, maintenance costs, and waste. Jereh's IntelliFrac can be powered with the grid or with Jereh's Power2Go, a Mobile Gas Turbine Generator Set that produces 35MW of electricity - used to power an entire electric fracturing fleet. Jereh has supplied more than 300 units of its electric fracturing technology worldwide.

Jereh's Turbine Fracturing Unit, Apollo, can run on 100% natural gas or diesel. When powered with 100% natural gas, it optimizes fracturing operations by increasing efficiency and flexibility and decreasing operations costs. The output power of one Apollo is equivalent to that of two conventional 2500HP diesel fracturing units. Compared with traditional diesel engine frac spreads, Apollo reduces costs by lowering the operating footprint by 43% and provides more HHP.


About Jereh 

Founded in 1999, Jereh is a global oil and gas equipment manufacturer and oilfield services provider. Jereh Energy Equipment and Technologies Corporation (JEET) is a subsidiary of Jereh in North America, which opened its office in 2008. JEET has an office and manufacturing facility in Houston, USA.