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Contributing to A Lower-Emission Future, Jereh Showcases Turnkey Power Generation and Power Storage Solutions at POWERGEN International 2023

Orlando, February 22, 2023/ Jereh showcased its turnkey power generation and storage solutions at POWERGEN International 2023.

To comply with government regulations and a global shift to decarbonize the energy economy, Jereh has been innovating and manufacturing equipment for the power industry that reduces the overall carbon footprint and increases efficiency.

One of Jereh’s products to lower emissions and increase efficiency in power generation is the Power2Go, a Mobile Gas Turbine Generator set with a power generation capacity of 35MW. The Power2Go provides reliable and consistent power for powering different operations in locations where grid power isn’t reliable.

Power2Go is currently being used in the United States to power electric fracturing operations in the Permian and Uintah Basin and has achieved 6000 hours of operation since deployment. The Power2Go is ESG-compliant technology and uses wellhead gas, LNG, or CNG to generate electricity.

In addition to that, the Power2Go is mobile because all the component equipment is installed on a trailer/s that can carry this generator swiftly to any location. The main driver for the Power2Go is the GE LM2500 gas turbine. The equipment also contains the enclosures, power switching apparatus, entire cable network, auxiliary equipment, and control panel, and can be configured for optional remote monitoring. It requires no crane to install, and most of the auxiliary equipment is integrated into the structure of the main trailer. The intake and exhaust system installation and positioning is operated with hydraulics and sensors, and installation can be done in as little as 8 hours.

Jereh provides power storage equipment to minimize the carbon footprint and optimize power utilization—the advanced well site power system using the battery energy storage system (BESS)。

The BESS plays a vital role in the power source, grid, load, and storage of electricity systems powered by new energy. The BESS is equipped with a high-performance battery with a service life of more than 20 years and high voltage endurance capacity which can reduce the site footprint by 35% compared with a 1000 V DC energy storage system. Besides, the thermal management system can reduce the temperature difference between batteries effectively to improve the reliability and stability of the power supply.

“We are accelerating our work to innovate the design for future energy, which is more efficient, integrated, and ESG-compliant,” said Sharon Shi, president of Jereh Energy Equipment & Technology Corporation, one of the subsidiaries of Jereh Group.