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Jereh Ships 7000 HP Electric Fracturing Fleet to Renowned US Oilfield Service Company

Houston, Texas, 3/10/2024   In Q4 2023, Jereh announced a successful order to provide a complete electric fracturing fleet to a renowned oilfield service company in the United States. The order includes Jereh 7000 HP electric hydraulic fracturing fleet, as well as auxiliary equipment. The units have been delivered to customers to provide cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective frac operations.


The picture shows 5 units from Jereh’s electric fracturing fleet

As the energy industry grapples with challenges related to cost, efficiency, and carbon emissions, hundreds of operators are actively seeking innovative fracturing equipment to optimize fracturing operations. The Jereh electric fracturing unit, called IntelliFrac, is gaining popularity for its reliability and ESG-compliant features.

Since 2022, Jereh has supplied more than 300 units of its electric fracturing technology and customized solutions globally. In the United States, the Jereh 7000 HP E-Frac units have performed seamlessly in a number of different major US fields, accumulating over 4000 operating hours since May 2023, demonstrating its durability and reliability even in the harshest field conditions. The unit features the electricity-powered JR7000QPE Quintuplex plunger pump, boasting high flow rates, exceptional power, and extended service life. The e-frac unit delivers a maximum flowrate of 18.9 bpm under the maximum working pressure of about 11,000psi, with consistent flowrate at 15.6 bpm during continuous operation.

The IntelliFrac electric fracturing fleet can be powered by multiple sources of electrical power, especially, with massive applications off the electric grid, or power generation units, etc,. When paired with grid power, it produces zero emissions, making it a versatile and environmentally conscious solution.

Jereh's global oil and gas equipment manufacturing expertise translates to superior equipment that meets regional demands. In the competitive American oil and gas market, Jereh stands out as a trusted partner. With its extensive experience and comprehensive product offerings, Jereh delivers reliable and high-quality equipment and solutions are designed to optimize operations and maximize output.