DDT Frac Pumper
Turbine frac
Jereh is committed to providing customers a way to grow in challenges and create the Turbine Direct Driven Fracturing Fleet
DDT Frac Pumper

Facing multiple challenges from the cost and ESG in fracturing activities, Jereh is committed to providing customers a way to grow in challenges and create Direct Drive Turbine Frac Fleet to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improved well economics, footprint, mobility and reliability to bring you the continuation of development.

Low Efficiency
Low Efficiency
Heavy Maintenance
Heavy Maintenance
Hot Fueling
Hot Fueling
High Fuel Cost
High Fuel Cost
High Noise Level
High Noise Level
High Emission
High Emission
Bring you sustainable development
Reduction in Fuel Cost
Reduction in Road Traffic
Reduction in OPEX
Reduction in Headcount
Clean Emission, Less Co2e, Less Nox and Less Pm Exhaust
Dual Fuel System, capable of Running with 100% Natural Gas from CNG,LNG,Pipeline Gas,Wellhead Gas
Equipped with 5000BHP continuous duty frac Pump
15.5BPM max discharge rate per unit
Noise Level: 69dBA@350ft
  • 01 TF50F Turbine Engine
  • 02 JR 5000QPE Frac Pump
TF50F Turbine Engine
  • Small Foot Print and Light Weight (<1,500 lbs)

  • Two Shaft Configuration Offering Constant Power Over Wide Speed Range

  • Compact, Rugged and Modular Design

  • Shock Resistant Front Frame Mounted Directly to Gearbox Without Alignment Requirement

  • Field Replaceable Parts to Minimize Downtime

  • 30,000 Hours Between Major Scheduled Maintenance; Maintenance Costs Significantly Less than Diesel Engines

02 Device Parameters
Gas Turbine Model Vericor TF50F
MCP, ISO 5,100 shp
Power at 85F Ambient Temp 4,315 shp
Power at 105F Ambient Temp 3,902 shp
Weight with Accessories 1,445 lbs
Dimension (L×W×H) 52 x 35 x 41 inch
Fuel Type Dual Fuel (Liquid & Gas)
JR 5000QPE Frac Pump
  • Max. Brake Horsepower to 5000 BHP

  • Long Stroke and Larger Connecting Rod Load Ensuring Larger Flow Rate at Low Crankshaft Rpm

  • Two-stage Planetary Gearbox Ensuring High Torque, Stable Operation, Low Vibration and Low Noise Level

  • Improved Bearing Design and Upgraded Bearing Loading Capability

  • Improved Strength by Integral Power End Shell

  • Capable of Working Under Full Power and Full Load for 24 Hours Continuously

02 Device Parameters
Rated Power 5,000 hp (3,729 kW)
Stroke 10 in (254 mm)
Max. Load of Connecting Rod 270,000 lbf (1,200 kN)
Overall Dimension 2,500 × 2,830 × 1,120 mm
Weight 30,000 lb (13,600 kg)
Case study
  • 1000+hrs
    onsite testing
  • 700,000 bbl
    total fluid pumped
  • 15.5 bpm
    @10700psi Max Discharge rate
  • 4,064 hhp
    max. continuous output horsepower