About Us

Jereh Energy Equipment and Technologies Corporation (JEET), is a subsidiary of Jereh Group. JEET specializes in manufacturing ESG-compliant energy technology, customizing solutions, and providing after-sale support to its clients. JEET is committed to driving sustainable practices in the American oil and gas industry.


JEET's ESG-compliant oilfield technology, presents a significant advantage in terms of reducing carbon emissions and operational costs, in comparison to traditional diesel-powered equipment. By embracing this eco-friendly approach, JEET helps alleviate the sustainability challenges faced by the oil and gas production industry, particularly in light of the growing concerns surrounding climate change. JEET can help your company make the switch or add clean technology to your oil and gas extraction operations.


Here is a list of ESG-compliant oilfield technology that JEET is manufacturing and supplying to its American clientele:

1.  Power2Go - Mobile Gas Turbine Generator Set (35MW or 6MW)

2.  Apollo - Direct Drive Turbine Fracturing Unit

3.  IntelliFrac - Electric Fracturing Unit


In addition to the ESG-compliant technology listed above, JEET also manufactures and supplies conventional oil field equipment and parts.


Jereh is dedicated to empowering its clients with the equipment and solutions necessary to achieve their production goals.

•  Founded in 1999

•  Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010

•  Market capitalization reached around $6 billion in 2022

•  Experience and expertise in the oilfield equipment and service industry

•  Focus on innovation, problem-solving, and constant improvement


Jereh is dedicated to empowering its clients with the equipment and solutions necessary to achieve their production goals. Below are some of the stats of Jereh group, the parent company of Jereh Energy Equipment and Technologies Corporation (JEET).

  • 1999
    Established In 1999
  • 24
  • SZ002353
    Listed on the Shenzhen Stock
  • 7000+
    Global Employees
  • 484 Acres
    Seven Industrial Parks
Research &
Computer Software
Sales Revenue for R&D
High-end Laboratories
Professional R&D Institutes
Industrial Parks 484 Acres

We adhere to the strict standards set forth by API Q1 in organizing and executing all our production activities. Ensuring reliability, quality and safety form the very foundation of our company's existence and greatly impact our brand and customer relationships. Our quality policy revolves around customer focus, unwavering commitment to quality, persistent technical innovation, the creation of reliable equipment, and continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction. We advocate a comprehensive quality management approach that involves whole process control and encourages the active participation of all stakeholders.

Safety Always
Comes First

The well-being and safety of every employee is of utmost importance to us. We are deeply committed to upholding our values in every aspect of our daily operations. Our goal is to achieve complete safety and environmental responsibility. We are committed to ensuring the well-being of our employees by striving for zero injuries and accidents. Our safety culture is characterized by a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to maintaining a clean and pollution-free environment, aiming to minimize pollution in all our operations. Additionally, we dedicate significant efforts to safeguard the health and safety of our subcontractors and all other parties involved.